Oppo 240W SUPERVOOC flash charge reaching 100% in 9 minutes

Oppo has confirmed that it is to join the club of phone manufacturers that omit bundled chargers from their products.

The Chinese manufacturer was one of the remaining flagship phone-making holdouts that insisted on including a charging brick right across its extensive range. Indeed, Oppo’s SuperVOOC fast-charging standard has been at the forefront in forcing up charging speeds.

At a group interview for the European launch of the Oppo Reno 8, Oppo vice president of overseas sales and services Billy Zhang informed journalists that “We will take the charger out of the box in the next year for several products. We have a plan.”

As Android Police reports, Zhang wouldn’t elaborate on which products would drop the charger in 2023, nor explain why the change was being made. He did explain that the company had only kept including charging bricks across its range to this point because it’s not easy for customers to get their hands on the advanced SuperVOOC chargers otherwise.

“However, as we are expanding our business operations, we are looking to taking chargers out of the box and put them in the store so that our users are able to buy the chargers and continue using them even when they upgrade their devices,” Zhang said.

Based on these comments, it could be that Oppo will only be dropping chargers from certain products in specific regions where the brand has a high degree of saturation and a strong retail presence.

Back at MWC in February, Oppo announced a 240W charger, which can hit 100% in just 9 minutes. Meanwhile, the OnePlus 10T recently appeared with a 150W Oppo charger. Our reviewer found that it was able to charge from 0 to 100% in just 19 minutes.

We’ll be keeping an eye on all of contents of all the Oppo boxes that cross our desks in 2023, as well as those of the OnePlus brand.

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