Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is our favourite VR headset, but it still has its limitations; not least the Facebook-centric faff of sharing images and videos captured in virtual reality.

That changes today as Oculus begins rolling out a software update that enables those clips and screen grabs to be automatically synced with the mobile device of the user’s choosing.

V32 of the Quest software will ensure everything captured and saved goes straight back to the Oculus mobile app, where it can then be edited, downloaded and shared beyond the realm of Facebook’s suite of apps and services.

To ensure media begins syncing, users will be able to first browse to the Files app on the headset itself, but it’s straightforward enough.

Here’s Oculus’ own explanation: “To get started, simply open the Files App from your Quest app library and select the cloud icon in the top-right corner of the panel. It’s that easy! Now if you want to show off photos of your latest Gravity Sketch project or save and share footage of a clutch POPULATION: ONE win from the convenience of your smartphone, we have you covered.

“All your synced media files can be found in the Oculus mobile app. Look for the “Synced Media” section under the Devices tab. Media will be unsynced and automatically removed from your Oculus app after 14 days.”

Elsewhere, the update includes easier access to your friends in VR thanks to the People tab in Messenger. “Just navigate to the People tab in Messenger, and you’ll find a single list of your Oculus and Facebook friends to make it easier for you to reach all your online connections,” the company says.

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Finally there are updates to the headset’s motion-based VR fitness tools, with daily goals now becoming weekly goals, giving users more flexibility. There’s also an update that makes it easier to gift apps to friends.

The update is rolling out gradually so it may be a couple of weeks before all users see it.

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