There was excitement in the iOS beta community recently, when it appeared users would be able to set their own default music provider in iOS 14.5.

Some beta testers reported that Siri would ask them which service they wanted to use when requesting music from the voice assistant. Screenshots published by iOS 14.5 beta users showed a list of installed audio apps for the user to select from.

However, this will not be akin to the recent additions enabling users to set their default email and web browsing applications.

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Speaking to TechCrunch, Apple clarified the situation, explaining that the new feature is designed to help make Siri more switched on to your listening habits. Apple told the site Siri will not make the service your default streaming platform, even if you answer “Spotify” to her question.

Siri may ask you again which service you’d like to use in the future. So, in the main, you’ll still have to say “on Spotify” in order to access your content more quickly.

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The idea, Apple says, is to help Siri understand which services people tend to use for different pieces of audio content. It has nothing to do with setting the default music service.

However, given Apple’s recent moves, it wouldn’t have been surprising to see it take this route. The ability to set default email and web browsing apps in iOS 14 has helped to streamline the process for many users who prefer the likes of Gmail and Chrome to the stock apps.

Apple is also facing regulatory pressure over the way it prioritises its own services over those from rivals. Spotify in particular has taken umbrage with the practice, calling Apple’s actions anti-competitive. Spotify has made an antitrust complaint against Apple in the EU, which could lead to a wider investigation, according to a Reuters report.

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