Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo has announced the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which is an upgraded version of the standard hybrid console.

The new Switch features a new 7-inch OLED screen, improved stand, boosted audio and increased storage space.

The handheld is still limited to a 720p resolution, and capped to 1080p in TV mode with no improvements made to the processor. This means you won’t be getting the 4K output that had previously been rumoured.

The news is breaking right now, so we’ll be updating this article frequently in the next few hours. Keep this page bookmarked for future updates. 

The Nintendo Switch OLED model will launch October 8th 2021.

The Nintendo Switch OLED will be priced at $350.

We’re yet to see price details for the UK version, but will update this article as soon as we hear more.

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The biggest new feature about the new Nintendo Switch is its 7-inch OLED display. The OLED technology should boost the console’s contrast, making colours appear punchier, and dark environments more detailed.

The resolution remains at 720p however, so you won’t get a sharper picture compared to the standard Switch.

The Nvidia Tegra custom processor also looks to be unchanged, so Nintendo isn’t improving the performance for either handheld or TV mode. This means the Switch still won’t be capable of 4K gaming, despite earlier reports suggesting so.

Nintendo Switch OLED

The new dock will, however, feature a new wired LAN port, allowing you to have a faster and more reliable network connection if your router is in reach.

Nintendo has also boosted the storage capacity of the Switch OLED model to 64GB, which is double that of the 32GB standard Switch.

The new Switch also have ‘enhanced audio’ which should improve the handheld experience even more.

The new Nintendo Switch will sport a new 7-inch OLED panel, which is a jump up from the 6.2-inch LCD of the existing model. 

An OLED display would improve the contrast significantly, resulting in a more vivid picture quality. Some of the very best TV options currently have an OLED panel, demonstrating how highly regarded this technology is. 

Nintendo Switch OLED

However, the resolution is still capped at 720p for portable mode. This isn’t a major issue for a small screen, as the pixels are already dense enough for a sharp image, but it’s still disappointing that Nintendo didn’t at least push the resolution up to Full HD.

Nintendo is slimming down the bezel to achieve the bigger screen size however, resulting in a more sophisticated look.

That’s everything we know about the new Switch OLED Model so far, but we’ll be updating this page frequently as more information drops, so keep it bookmarked for future updates.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model has a an all-new design, with a fancy white paint job, and a curved white dock to accompany it.

The new Switch is marginally larger to accommodate the bigger screen, which means it’s also slightly heavier than the standard model.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo claims the new Switch weighs 322g (422g with Joy-Con controllers attached), which is only 23 grams heftier than the vanilla version, so you needn’t worry about holding it for extended periods.

Nintendo has also improved the rear stand, making substantially larger and more stable in the process. It’s also more adjustable now, so you can find the perfect position whatever your preference.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is confirmed to share the same game library as the standard Switch and Switch Lite.

Nintendo has, however, warned that the Switch OLED may not support some Toy-Con accessories from the Nintendo Labo series, as the larger dimensions may not fit the cardboard cut-outs.

Breath of the Wild 2

With no upgrades to the internal processor, the Switch OLED won’t have any exclusives nor any performance upgrades for existing games.

This has also dashed hopes of the Switch OLED being able to play cloud Switch games natively such as Control and Hitman 3.

It’s finally here! Nintendo has officially confirmed the new Switch! It’s great to see that the OLED rumours were accurate, as this will provide every game with a visual boost in handheld mode, regardless of performance levels.

However, I feel sorry for those who like to play in TV mode, as there are no upgrades for that use case besides the expanded storage and the dock’s LAN port. But then again, it’s not a huge surprise to see Nintendo snub 4K support once again as the resolution has never been a main focus.


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