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Nintendo has officially confirmed a new Nintendo Direct will take place tomorrow on 17 February 2021. 

Such an event will mark the end of a very long wait for Nintendo-related news, with the previous proper Direct video releasing as far back as September 2019.

Nintendo hasn’t given away many clues of what could be announced, but did confirm the livestream will feature “roughly 50 minutes of information focused on available games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and games coming to Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2021.”

Other than Apex Legends and New Pokémon Snap, there aren’t many major Switch games confirmed for release in the first half of 2021 as of yet, so we’re expecting to see a number of new games announced.

Speculation already suggests Nintendo could celebrate the upcoming The Legend of Zelda’s 35th anniversary with new ports, with Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Ocarina of Time all previously rumoured to come to Switch. It’s also possible that Nintendo could reveal more news on Breath of the Wild 2.

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Nintendo Direct date and time

The next Nintendo Direct is confirmed to take place on 17 February 2021 at 2pm PT (10pm UK time). We’ve embedded the video below so you can watch along right here.

It’s also possible that Nintendo could announce dedicated Direct events for Pokémon or Zelda at a later point, with both franchises seeing major anniversaries later this month.

What to expect from Nintendo Direct February 2021

Nintendo has remained tight-lipped about the upcoming Direct event, so it would be impossible to know which games could be announced at this stage.

Nintendo did at least confirm it will focus partly on Super Smash Bros Ultimate, with new fighters and maps in the pipeline. We also know that Apex Legends and New Pokémon Snap are set to arrive on Switch in the coming months, and so will both likely make an appearance.

But what about unannounced games? Nintendo has confirmed it will showcasing games set for release in the first half of 2021, and with the Switch calendar looking  sparse right now, we’re almost guaranteed to see some major new games announced.

Breath of the Wild 2

Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda fans should be particularly excited since both franchises have significant anniversaries coming up later this month. It’s possible Nintendo could announce a remake for 2006’s Diamond and Pearl, while we also think it’s likely Nintendo could launch a Zelda collection of ports in the same vein as the Super Mario 35th Anniversary game. We’re also not ruling out more details on Breath of the Wild 2, which was announced back in 2019.

Unfortunately, it’s probably too early for Metroid Prime 4 news, as Nintendo announced back in January 2019 that it would be scrapping plans and starting from scratch.

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