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All gaming time is precious and the faster we can get to those games the better, right? So the news Xbox engineers have shaved a few seconds off the console boot news is sure to be welcomed.

While still in the test phase and only available to Xbox Insider members right now, the boot-up time in the latest build has been slashed by about five seconds.

Overall, the Xbox Series X/S now takes 7-seconds to boot from Energy Saver mode instead of 12, which is a significant decrease. As The Shortcut notes, this could encourage more gamers to select Energy Saver mode rather than the power-sapping Standby Mode, which offers almost immediate resumption times.

The news came in response to a tweet from engineering lead Eden Marie, who said gamers had contacted here about a suspected improvement. Her colleague John Munsee confirmed he had worked to create a shorter boot-up animation.

She tweeted: “Someone asked me about this, and I’ll admit I had no clue, but I checked, and yes, the boot animation and cold startup time in general on Xbox Series X|S consoles has been shortened in the latest insider builds! Who else noticed?”

Munsee replied: “Can confirm. Worked with @harrisonhoffman and @jakerose27 to create a shorter boot up animation (~4s) from the original boot up animation (~9s), helping to reduce the overall startup time.”

It’s not clear when Microsoft will launch the update, which will bring the console boot times in line with the Nintendo Switch and Sony PS5, but hopefully it’s part of the next major software update for the console.

Microsoft is also working in integrating Discord voice chat, making it the first console to fully integrate the popular third-party chat platform. That too, could arrive in the weeks to come. What else are you hoping for from Microsoft in the months to come? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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