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It’s been all but confirmed that Google is working on a new cheaper Chromecast device.

As Droid-Life reports, a filing has appeared with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for so-called “Google LLC Wireless Device”.

It’s worth noting that the word ‘Chromecast’ appears nowhere on this filing. But there are some clues that point towards the distinct possibility.

For one thing, we know that it’ll be a wireless device packing Bluetooth LE and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity. The filing mentions that the FCC label will appear via a sticker on the bottom of the device, suggesting that it won’t have a display.

All of which would appear to narrow the list down to either a new Google speaker or a new Google Chromecast.

The Verge has sleuthed its way to concluding that it’s the latter, because an associated diagram makes mention of a ‘Remote Controller’ for the device. It’s also mentioned that the mystery device will be placed behind an LCD monitor.

Further down the filing, it’s also mentioned that the device was tested streaming a 1080p video.

At the turn of the year, rumours appeared suggesting that Google was putting together a new budget streaming dongle with modest 1080p output. All the signs are pointing to this mystery device being that very cheaper Google Chromecast, and the presence of an FCC filing suggests that it’s close to being ready for a rollout.

The current Chromecast with Google TV (pictured), which we reviewed back in 2020, is a relatively premium streaming dongle capable of 4K/60fps streaming with HDR/Dolby Vision support. There’s certainly. a gap in the market for a cheaper Google Chrome alternative for the many people who are still without a 4K TV.

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