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If you somehow missed out on the gem that is Fallout 4 then now might be the time to see what all the fuss has been about, with the game going for just £3.99 via Argos’ eBay store.

With all the latest shiny games to dive into, it might seem a tad odd to travel back in time and indulge in a game from 2017, but the fact remains that Fallout 4 has dozens of hours of content and a world that you can get absolutely lost in.

Deal: Fallout 4 (Xbox One & Xbox Series X compatible) for just £3.99

Plus, the game was a huge improvement over Fallout 3 for having a visual style that doesn’t look like mud has been smeared over every single texture.

If you’re lucky enough to have an Xbox Series X or a Series S then you might like to know that the game is not only backwards compatible with these consoles, but you’ll also notice an upscaling to 60fps – making this one of the best ways to experience Fallout 4.

While this is just the base game, without all of the additional DLC included, there’s still roughly 80 hours worth of content (if you want to chase down every secret and side mission). Let’s just say that if you’ve been looking for a vast, open-world game to just sink into – this might be exactly what you’re after.

And heck, even if you’d rather just use the game as a coaster for your coffee – £3.99 for a decent sized coaster is not a bad deal (although we’d far sooner recommend actually playing the thing).

Deal: Fallout 4 (Xbox One & Xbox Series X compatible) for just £3.99

If you’re eager to know more, this is what we had to say in our original review for the game: “It can be rough around the edges and it takes a while to gel, but once it does this is as gripping an RPG as Bethesda has ever produced. We’ll handle disappointments like the lengthy loading times, poor facial animation and minor bugs because Fallout 4’s world is so rich, strange and beautiful, and because the stories you can make in it are so compelling. Buy it, then dig in for the season.”

For roughly the same price as a premium cup of coffee (don’t judge my buying habits), it’s hard to argue against picking up one of the best games of the last generation, particularly if you missed out on it at launch.

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