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Microsoft’s new Windows 10 taskbar is now on its way to PC users, bringing a host of new features and the biggest change in years one of the operating system’s defining tools.

The new taskbar, which has been tested among Windows Insiders since early 2021, brings personalised news headlines, sports scores, weather information, traffic, and stock information.

The interactive and attractive new taskbar can be customised to suit the needs of all Windows PC users, with Microsoft saying it’ll help users stay in the flow thanks to at-a-glance updates. You can see the highlights in the video below:

The company says we waste too much time and productivity trying to stay abreast with the latest info, but the new taskbar keeps it all in one place, meaning you only need to check one source throughout the day.

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In a blog post announcing the feature rollout, Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman writes: “It should be easy to catch up on the things we care about. Yet, we’re often stuck juggling devices, jumping between websites and looking across sources before finally getting what we’re looking for: relevant and high-quality content. News and interests on the Windows taskbar simplifies this process with a convenient and personalised experience centred around you.”

Microsoft says users can adjust the information cards, ensuring you see only what you’re interested. By the same token, you can turn everything off altogether.

If you’re into the latest news, you can pull together the sources you enjoy. Sources will vary by territory, but Microsoft is showcasing the likes of Nerdwallet, the Associated Press, USA Today, ESPN, Business Insider and more. Users can also add a range of their own interests too.

You can also pick out sports teams and stock tickers to follow and choose the weather location. Tapping the card will load further information in the related app or browser within Windows 10.

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