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iPad users can now enjoy Microsoft’s all-in-one Office app after Microsoft launched a new version of its famed productivity suite for iPadOS devices.

The new Office app combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint under one roof in much the same way as the suite released for iOS and Android devices one year ago.

The release means users will no longer have to switch between the key apps while working in an Excel sheet and a Word document at the same time.

Some iPad owners have also been known to use the low-res windowed mode designed for iPhone devices in order to access the all-in-one suite.

The update will be especially useful for those using Apple’s tablet as a replacement for their PC or Mac laptop, while using a wireless or docked keyboard.

As well as the all-in-one update, Microsoft is adding the ability to create PDFs, add a signature to a document, and perform quick object conversions. The company is also adding quick start templates and a file manager.

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The new Office suite is available to download from the App Store now, while the individual apps will remain available too, for those seeking a more segmented experience. We don’t expect those to go away anytime soon. Of course, to take full advantage of the apps you’ll still need an Office 365 subscription.

The release could be quite significant for Apple as it continues its long-standing promise of ensuring the iPad becomes a post-PC device.

In a blog post earlier this month explaining the new update, Microsoft said: “We’re combining the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps you know into a single, iPadOS-optimized app. Plus, you’ll see additional tools to keep you more productive than ever. For example, you’ll be able to quickly create and sign PDFs, and transform pictures into documents.”

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