Microsoft mocks MacBook Pro ad

Apple is no stranger to going after Windows PCs in its advertising and now Microsoft is looking to give the MacBook-maker a taste of its own medicine.

In a new commercial for the Surface Pro 7 2-in-1 laptop, currently airing in the United States, Microsoft takes aim at the current MacBook Pro model – specifically the unpopular Touch Bar rumoured to be on the chopping block in 2021 models.

The 30-second spot, which mimics a reviewer’s head-to-head video, sees Microsoft hail the touchscreen, Surface Pen compatibility, detachable keyboard, prowess as a “superior” gaming device and the power to run all of your favourite apps. The video ends by noting the more affordable Surface Pro 7 price tag.

However, it all gets a little bit snippy at times. “Mac gave me this little bar, but why can’t they give me a whole touchscreen?” The young actor in the video says, speaking of the Touch Bar. He then focusing his faux ire on the detachable keyboard, claiming “you’re kinda stuck with what you’ve got” before pushing the MacBook over.

Apple is rumoured to be dropping the Touch Bar for the next M1 MacBook Pro model, according to recent reports that are yet to be confirmed.

However, the video offers somewhat of a false equivalency in comparing the Surface Pro 7 to the best MacBook Pro laptop. Apple, of course, has a device that provides a greater like-for-like comparison with the Surface Pro.

The iPad Pro range has support for a stylus in the Apple Pencil, it does have the “whole touchscreen” and it also has a detachable keyboard. Changes to iPadOS have finally made the iPad Pro model more effective as a productivity-based PC replacement too, for example. The price is difference is also a little less pronounced when it comes to the iPad Pro starts at $799, while you can get a Surface Pro 7 for the discounted $699 right now.

While both models retail for that price minus the pen and keyboard accessories, it should be said Apple’s are a little more expensive.

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