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Microsoft is adding a ‘Languages’ indicator to the Xbox games store, making it easier for gamers to determine whether titles offer support for their native tongue.

In a blog post, Microsoft says it’ll be much easier for gamers to determine whether there’s in-game support for different languages at various points within the game.

Without opening the product page, Microsoft says gamers will be able to see whether there’s multi-language support for the game’s interface, audio and subtitles.

The company is initially chronicling support across 27 languages, and says it has already added language tags to hundreds of the best Xbox One and Xbox Series X games on the Microsoft Store and the Xbox Game Pass app.

“With this update, when you log into the Microsoft Store on Xbox or the Xbox Game Pass app, you can easily see which languages a game supports, making it easier to decide if you’d like to purchase or play that title,” writes Briana Roberts, Microsoft Senior Program Manager on the Xbox Wire blog.

“This view will also show what aspects of the game have been localised for a given language, including the game’s interface (game controls and on-screen menus, for example), the spoken audio you’ll hear from the characters, and subtitles corresponding to that audio. To make it even easier, the language you select as the default for your console will surface to the top of the list; you won’t have to scroll.”

Microsoft has been very diligent in ensuring Xbox and PC games are as accessible for as many audiences as possible, so it’s good to see the firm take a similar approach with language support. Of course, this is a much rarer problem for native English speakers, but it should provide a nice boost for those who perhaps speak less-common languages around the world.

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