Linn has announced its next-gen Klimax DSM steamer, the first to feature a DAC configuration that’s been conceived and manufacturely entired in-house by the esteemed hi-fi brand.

As a hi-fi brand Linn’s been know for breaking the mould. The original Klimax streamer arrived at a time when streaming was in its early throes. The next-gen Klimax aims to take streaming performance to the next-level.

With a striking new design and high price – the main Klimax DSM costs £30,000 – you’ll certainly need deep pockets to afford Linn’s latest product. Available in an ‘Audio’ and an ‘AV’ configuration, there’s also the presence of the Klimax System Hub, which costs £15,000.

At the heart of the Klimax DSM is what Linn has referred to as its “most critical component” the Organik DAC, which is the first ever all-Linn digital-to-analogue converter. Why is it so important? The Organik DAC has been designed without compromise and assembled in Linn’s Glasgow factory, combining FPGA processing with a discrete conversion stage that enables Linn to precisely control and optimise every stage of the digital to analogue process for the first time.

The FPGA processing stage uses custom-designed algorithms to produce increased upsampling, more precise volume control, and distortion free modulation. Extremely low levels of distortion are achieved thanks to a new ultra-low jitter oscillator and carefully designed clock distribution network. These two aspects of the DAC have been combined within a unique double-sided design, which reduces signal paths to an absolute minimum. The aim of all is this is to reproduce the original audio signal is the most accurate manner, for the most accurate music reproduction when streaming audio.

Linn aims for customers to not only get their money’s worth in terms of performance, but through the design as well. The casing has been machined from a special grade of aluminium, the diamond-cut circles on the upper surface a homage to Linn’s Sondek LP12, while the control dial feature a brass bearing, precision cut glass and a photo-etched stainless steel surround that encases 100 status lights.

The specification sees the Organik DAC supporting resolutions up to 24-bit/384kHz and DSD256. Wireless connectivity extends to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while you can count on the Klimax DSM being able to handle both digital and analogue sources, including a USB input that opens up the DSM for use as a standalone DAC. The AV version offers HDMI inputs – including eARC support – for connection to a smart TV.

The Klimax DSM is available to order now from Linn specialists worldwide. Local demonstrations can be booked (local restrictions permitting) at the Linn website.

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