Life is Strange

Square Enix is planning to reveal a new Life is Strange game during the live video stream to announce new titles next month.

The Square Enix Presents showcase on March 18 will be headlined by the new Life is Strange game, as well as updates for the forthcoming RPG Outriders, and platformer Balan Wonderland.

In a blog post on Thursday, the developer invites us to be “there for the World Premiere of the next game in the critically acclaimed series, where you’ll meet a new protagonist with a fascinating new power.”

The new title will be the third in the adventure game series, following the previous episodic instalments, firstly in 2015 and then in 2018/9. The heavily story-driven game, where you’ll make choices affecting your character’s actions, has been a massive cult hit and this is an eagerly anticipated reveal. While Square Enix confirms there’ll be a new protagonist, it’s unclear whether characters from previous instalments, Chloe and Max will be along for the ride too.

Elsewhere, Square Enix will focus on the Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary celebrations, new updates to Marvel’s Avengers (including the addition of Hawkeye and an update for PS5/Xbox Series X) and the release of Just Cause for mobile devices. There’ll also be some new mobile game announcements and a look at some games from TAITO, Square Enix’s sister company.

The first show in a new series will be available on YouTube, Twitch and the new Square Enix Presents website. It commences at 1pm EDT and 5pm GMT. The Spring 2021 naming means we can probably expect these streams once a quarter.

The company says: “SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS is a new digital series where we’ll make game announcements, share news, updates and previews of our upcoming games throughout the year!”

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