LG is considering completely shutting down its mobile phone unit, rather than sell it off, according to a new report from its South Korean homeland.

The report from DongA Ilbo news agency – not a source we’re familiar with – comes contrary to reports in January that claimed LG was searching for a suitable suitor.

It is, of course, possible that LG is considering all options for its beleaguered mobile division, along with continuing to press on with release plans. However, the report now says LG has exhausted the possibilities with a prospective buyer falling through.

LG denied the initial report in January, which wasn’t surprising considering it had only just unveiled a rollable smartphone concept that seemed like a compelling answer to Samsung’s foldable tech. It also denied development of that device was being abandoned.

The DongA (via Bloomberg) report says a plan to launch the foldable tech in early 2021 has now been abandoned as the company admits defeat after many years of losses for the mobile division. For years now the company has been propped up by its OLED TV and LG Display division, along with its excellent range of white goods like refrigerators.

While the likes of Samsung, Apple and Motorola has done well to co-exist with the incoming threat from Chinese manufacturers like OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo, legacy phone makers like LG and HTC’s sales have dropped off massively, along with their places among the best Android phones.

LG’s recent releases, although seeking to push the design envelope, have failed to engage a public less likely to consider LG devices when upgrading their smartphones. The LG Wing, for example, attempted to engage users with a rotating, T-shaped dual display our reviewer could only describe as “bizarre.” In awarding the LG Wing 3.5/5 stars.

He wrote: “One of the most interesting phones of recent years, and a solid first effort at a new form factor. However, the LG Wing has made a few too many compromises, with too few corresponding advantages, and for too much money to be worth a gamble over the very best flagships.”

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