Lenco L-92WA turntable

2021 marks Lenco’s 75th birthday and to celebrate its anniversary, the Swiss audio brand has announced two new turntables in the L-92WA and L-3809.

Lenco L-92WA

Aimed at both home and professional users, first up is the Lenco L-92WA. It’s a premium-quality belt-driven turntable targeted at professionals and DJs with its pitch control and USB recording features.

Lenco-L-92WA press photo

Lenco says its contemporary design “can blend in with any modern home” and that it should easy to operate with its integrated preamplifier and pre-installed Audio Technica cartridge (AT3600), so the turntable can be set up straight out of the box.

The belt drive uses a robust aluminium platter for improved stability, while the anti-skating feature is there to prevent the tonearm from skating across vinyl records and producing unwanted noises. The L-92WA has two speed settings: 33RPM and 45RPM.

Also integrated into the deck is a strobe light feature – not for getting your rave on, unfortunately – but for seeing where the needle is without having to turn the lights on.

The Auto-return feature means the tonearm glides back to its resting position once the record is finished, an added benefit of this is the extended life of vinyl records as the needle does not drag across the record causing damage in the process.

The Lenco L-92WA is available for £249 from Gear4Music and Lenco

Lenco L-3809

Next is the Lenco L-3809. This model features a direct drive motor, a high-quality full-size aluminium platter and can be connected directly to a mixer or stereo with its built-in phono pre-amplifier.

Lenco-L-3809BK press shot

Similar to the L-92WA there’s lighting and a stroboscope to see what you’re doing, with users able to adjust the speed of the turntable with a variable pitch fader (33RPM an 45RPM are supported).

With its USB recording feature, vinyl records can ripped to MP3 digital files via a USB cable. There’s no auto return for the s-shaped tonearm with the user instead needing to operate the mechanical arm lift.

The Lenco L-3809 turntable is available now from the Lenco website, HMV and Gear4Music from £239.99.

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