Apple could be ready to deploy under-display technology for its Touch ID biometric security offerings for the iPhone 13, according to a new Wall Street Journal report on Friday.

Sources speaking to the WSJ, corroborated an earlier report from the equally-influential Bloomberg which had previously tipped the long-awaited security addition earlier this month.

Previously, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman reported Apple “has been working on in-screen fingerprint technology and has considered including both Touch ID and Face ID on the same device.” So, the input from the WSJ probably raises the chances of this happening somewhat.

Should Apple deploy the under-display technology it would bringing the much-missed fingerprint option back to the flagship range, while enabling users to benefit from the more secure facial recognition tech too.

Apple has never offered both Face ID and Touch ID on a single device before. The current iPhone 12 models rely solely on Face ID, while the 2020 iPhone SE keeps the Touch ID dream alive. However, fingerprint sensors are enjoying a new era in popularity, due to the complications of using facial recognition while wearing face coverings.

The prospect of under-display verification tools has been rumoured for years now, but Apple has so-far held off on deploying it. There are Apple patents relating to under-display tech dating back almost 5 years now.

Meanwhile, rivals like Samsung have offered advanced ultra-sonic fingerprint sensors for quite some time. The Galaxy S21, for example, has a second-generation 3D Sonic Sensor, which is 50% faster than the original, collects 1.7x more biometric data thanks to a 77% larger read area.

Should Apple to deploy this tech, it could be the largest update of the forthcoming generation. The iPhone 12, for instance, was a massive overhaul, debuting a new design and integrating a 5G modem for the first time.

Trusted Reviews has approached Apple for comment on the story.

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