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The iPad is one of Apple’s finest creations and even though phones keep on getting bigger, the tablet remains an excellent addition to your tech arsenal – especially when it comes with a hefty discount.

Currently, you can grab the Apple iPad 8 for an impressive £287.99, that’s a saving of £32 off the previous price if you use the code ‘PICKSAVINGS‘.

Deal: iPad 8 (10.2-inch) for just £287.99 with code PICKSAVINGS

This is Apple’s current iPad model and it’s an impressive device. If you’ve been hankering after an update to an ageing tablet, or just have never owned an iPad, this is a highly recommended starting point.

This paricular deal is sold through mobiledealsuk’s store on eBay. This isn’t a used or reburbished product and it comes sealed with a 12-month warranty from Apple. There’s also free next day delivery, which is always nice to see offered.

We had plenty of praise for the iPad 8 in our in-depth review of the tablet conducted shortly after release. We were impressed by the speed improvements and how great it felt to use, particularly with accessories like Apple Pencil or the Smart Keyboard.

Receiving a well-earned four-star rating and a Trusted Reviews Recommended Badge, our verdict was as follows: “If you’re either keen to upgrade an older iPad or want to get your foot into the iOS ecosystem then the iPad 8 is a great pick, especially if you’re not overly fussed on flagship features or spending big. If you want a bit more, the iPad Air 4 is far more feature-rich.”

Deal: iPad 8 (10.2-inch) for just £287.99 with code PICKSAVINGS

“While this is the most basic of tablet Apple sells, it’s an ideal consumption device. The screen is great, battery on par with pricier iPads and you’ll get plenty of iOS updates over the next few years.”

Given its unrivalled app store and the refined structure of iPadOS, the iPad 8 was already an easy recommendation above other tablets in its price range, but while it’s at this lower price, there’s never been a better time to pick one up.

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