The Oculus Quest 2 is a near-perfect standalone VR headset, but to get the very best experiences, you’ll still need to hook up to a PC. Right now, playing more demanding titles like Asgard’s Wrath, Lone Echo and Stormland requires an Oculus Link USB-C wired connection from Quest 2 to a gaming PC.

However, that’s about to change with a new software based Air Link that’s coming soon via v28 of the software for Quest 2 and PC. In a blog post, Oculus says the update will free Quest 2 owners from being immersion-breaking connection to the PC.

“We know gamers want to use Link without a wire—to experience the full freedom of movement offered by Quest 2 while playing the high-end titles that can only run on a gaming PC,” the company writes. “That’s why we’ve been working on a new streaming technology called Oculus Air Link—a completely wireless way to play PC VR content on Quest 2 using WiFi, built on the successful Oculus Link streaming pipeline.”

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Oculus says it will initially be available in experimental mode and will work best when there’s a strong Wi-Fi connection. However, the wired connection will still be provided by the USB-C cable, which will also enable you to charge the headset.

That’s not the only thing coming via software update v28. The company is unlocking 120Hz refresh rates for Oculus Quest 2 – an upgrade over a the current 90Hz max rate. The update will bring smoother gameplay. Right now, there aren’t any apps offering support for 120Hz, but Oculus expects devs will be eager to boost their apps.

The blog adds: “Our goal is to continue unlocking new capabilities of the Quest 2 hardware. We expect 120 Hz and 90 Hz support to provide the most benefit for games that rely on fast-twitch, rapid-style movement while for many other apps, 72 Hz mode will continue to be a great option for a smooth and comfortable experience.”

Finally, v28 will offer improvements for the Infinite Office, which was announced at Facebook Connect, which brings physical keyboard pairing including the ability to view it in VR, as well as the ability to place a virtual desk on the real-world furniture.

The firm added: “In addition to integrating with your real environment, your virtual desk boundary is automatically saved and detected, letting you easily pick things up right where you left off.”

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