Huawei Mate X2 teaser

The new Huawei Mate X2 foldable phone will be revealed on February 22 and it looks like there’ll be a new design compared to its predecessors.

In a teaser (above) on Weibo today, the company confirmed both the name and the launch date for new Mate X2, which will offer outward folding displays similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Z series.

The previous devices have offered inward folding displays, but it appears Huawei may have decided Samsung’s solution offers the smarter design, with more protection for those fragile folding displays.

Huawei isn’t publicising the event on its social channels in the west, which makes us skeptical the company will offer the Mate X2 in Europe, but that remains to be seen. Huawei is currently selling the Mate Xs in the UK for a discounted £1,599.99, which is down from the original £2,299.99 asked by the firm.

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That device offers an 8-inch unfolded panel and a 6.38 rear panel along with a folded 6.6-inch front screen. However, that form factor looks like it’ll be shaken up this time around in favour of an outer display and a fold-out tablet on the inside.

What Huawei Mate Xs offered an updated Kirin 990 5G chipset and we’d expect that to be updated and combined with 8GB of RAM. A recent leak also suggested a 48-megapixel camera will be on board. Let’s hope the Mate 2 offers a suitable leap forward and a more affordable price point.

We were big fans of the Mate Xs, with our hands-on stating: “The Mate Xs might be a minor update, but considering we didn’t get a proper European release for the Mate X it doesn’t feel needless. It would have been odd selling last year’s model at a high price with older internals and the improvements to the hinge and display are always going to be welcome. I still have plenty of questions about software and I have yet to really see how apps adapt between folds – this could make or break the Mate.”

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