AirCraft Powerglide mopping
The mop is light enough to move around, but it moves more freely forwards and backwards than side to side

Every single hard floor cleaner that comes into our test lab gets put through the same tests, so that you know we’ve accurately compared each model.

We test all products in the same area under the same conditions, too.

Dirt removal

We start by spreading real mud on our hard floor, using both smaller surface spreads and ground in mess. We then use the hard floor cleaner to test how easily the dirt can be removed, using before and after photography.

We note down how easy it was for the cleaner to tackle the mess and how long it took to remove the dirt.

Wet vacuum test

We use our standard spread of crushed up Weetabix mixed with water on the floor and test how easily the hard floor cleaner can suck up the mess. We only perform this test on cleaners that have a vacuum component.

All hard floor cleaners are tested for noise, using a decibel meter. We place the meter at head height and then use the cleaner, noting down the maximum noise.

For ease of use, we tell you how simple the cleaner is to use, and how easy it is to refill and to clean and empty any detergent tanks.

After all of the tests are complete, we score each review based on the criteria mentioned here. We take into account the price of the machine and its intended audience, so cheaper machines can score better than more expensive ones.

We see how each product compares to its direct competition, noting down where alternatives may be a better choice.

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