The Matrix Resurrections

How to watch The Matrix Resurrections: Neo and Trinity are back for the fourth instalment of The Matrix series. Here’s how you can watch it at home.

A festive treat for Keanu Reeves fans (aka everyone on earth), as The Matrix 4 aka The Matrix Resurrections debuts in movie theatres and goes straight to TV in some countries.

One of the movies delayed from the initially planned May 2021 release, the flick is being released in the UK, the US and several other territories just days before Christmas.

While the groundbreaking 1999 original stands up well to this day, the second and third films in the series are not fondly thought of. So, the title is apt. This is very much an attempt to resurrect the series. Here’s where to stream the original Matrix Trilogy in the UK to prepare you for the new movie.

The Matrix Resurrections release date

The Matrix Resurrections is released on December 22 as the blockbuster event of the Christmas season. There’s the small matter of a Spider-Man movie too, but Neo would whoop the entire MCU into oblivion.

Screenings are available in the UK and the US on Wednesday morning. If you’re looking for a taster of what to expect, here’s the explosive trailer:

How to watch The Matrix Resurrections on TV

If you live in the United States, you can watch the film on TV on December 22; the same day it arrives in movie theatres.

That’s great news if you’re concerned about Covid and would prefer to watch from the comfort of your favourite easy chair on that new TV you might have bought on Black Friday.

You’ll need an HBO Max subscription in order to tune into The Matrix Resurrections on December 22. It hits the service at midnight Pacific Time and 3am Eastern Time. That’ll mean a late night for anyone wishing to guarantee a spoiler-free experience.

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Unfortunately, The Matrix Resurrections is a cinema-only release upon launch. You won’t be able to watch on TV until early next year.

However, it’s not impossible to access HBO Max from the UK. While we don’t condone skirting geo-locations in order to access licensed content, it is doable via a virtual private network (VPN), if you also have a US billing address at your disposal. Once again, this is a grey area, legally speaking, even though you’re paying for the content. So take this route at your own risk with zero endorsement from us.

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How to sign up for HBO Max

In order to sign up for an HBO Max subscription, you can head to and sign up. The day-one premieres are only available as part of the $14.99/month and $149.99/year premium tier. The ad-supported $9.99 a month tier won’t get you the movie.

It’s also possible to sign up for a HBO Max subscription via the various mobile and smart TV apps on platforms like Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

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