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How to watch Moon Knight on Disney Plus and when does Episode 2 come out? The new Marvel series got off to a great start, here’s how and when you can watch Moon Knight Episode 2.

Well, love it or hate it, the Moon Knight premiere got people talking last week, didn’t it? It certainly took us all on a dramatic ride, with plenty to figure out and not that many answers.

Spoilers ahead…

We were introduced to Steven Grant, the quirky gift shop employee at a London museum, who has to chain himself to his own bed, tape his front door, and put tell-tale sand around his bed because he’s afraid of something that happens when he goes to sleep.

It soon becomes clear there’s another personality, occasionally pulling the strings here. ‘Marc’ Spector is responsible for asking out one of Steven’s work colleagues and, you know, committing horrific acts of violence.

Steven wakes up in the midst of one of these acts, somewhere in Germany, where he has to make a daring escape, blacking out when on the verge of certain death and waking up to see he’s whooped some serious ass. Eventually, by the end of the episode, Marc and Steven begin conversing and bartering over control as they face peril at the hands of a terrifying mummy. That’s where we get our first glimpse of the title character.

You can see that scene below:

The episode left us wanting plenty more, especially about the strange Ethan Hawke cult-leader character Arthur Harrow who is carrying out the judgement of an Egyptian goddess via the strange indications depicted on a scales of justice tattoo.

Give us episode 2, right now!

How to watch Moon Knight Episode 2

Disney Plus is the only place to be on Wednesday April 6 for Moon Knight Episode 2 of 6. A new episode will air each week until the run is complete. We’re not sure yet whether there’ll be a season 2, or how this show and its characters tie into Phase 4 of the MCU, but we’re excited to find out.

You will need a Disney Plus subscription and, as there are no longer any free trials available, you’ll have to fork over some cash. Thankfully, Disney Plus is only £7.99 a month, or £79.99 a year.

Sign up for Disney+

Sign up for Disney+

Disney+ offers access to loads of original shows like The Mandalorian and Hawkeye, classic films and content from big brands like Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar.

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What time is Moon Knight Episode 2 available

If you fancy getting up and watching this before heading to work, Moon Knight Episode 2 will be available to stream on Disney Plus at 8am UK time on Wednesday April 4. Episode 1 is available now I you haven’t seen the show yet.

Moon Knight plot

We have a little more to go on than what’s been revealed, thanks to the comic book inspiring this series. Disney is diving deep into the Marvel lore with Moon Knight. Introduced in 1975 and starring in his own comic from 1980, Moon Knight is Marc Spector, a former American marine-turned-mercenary who was gifted superpowers when his life was saved by an Egyptian god.

In the present day, Spector suffers from the mental health condition dissociative identity disorder. People who suffer from the real life disorder have multiple personalities, with those identities taking control of the person’s actions and behaviour.

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