The Fresh Prince reboot we’ve been waiting for has finally dropped. But, where can you find it in the UK? 

Rather than being a sequel to the original American sitcom, Bel-Air is a more dramatic retelling of the same story. The concept is based on a fan-made trailer by Bel-Air executive producer Morgan Cooper that managed to catch Will Smith’s eye on YouTube back in 2019. 

The series, which was later announced in 2020, follows Will Smith (the fictional one, not the real one) as he’s catapulted from his life in West Philadelphia to the rich neighbourhood of Bel-Air and stars Jabari Banks as Smith. 

You can check out the trailer below: 

Bel-Air will air exclusively on Peacock in the US, but what about here in the UK? Read on to find out where Bel-Air is streaming and when you can watch it… 

When does Bel-Air come out? 

The first three episodes of Bel-Air are available to watch now. 

The three episodes – titled ‘Dreams and Nightmares’, ‘Keep Ya Head Up’ and ‘Yamacraw’ – dropped in the US on February 13. UK fans are able to start streaming the show from February 14.  

How to watch Bel-Air in the UK? 

While Bel-Air is a Peacock-exclusive in the US, you’ll be able to catch the show on Sky and Sky-owned streaming site NOW here in the UK. 

All you need to watch Bel-Air on Sky TV or Sky Go is a subscription to Sky TV. 

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Alternatively, if you prefer the flexibility of a streaming service, you can head over to NOW and sign up for the Entertainment pass for just £9.99/month. NOW also offers a 7-day free trial for non-members, meaning if you’re unsure if you want the app right now, you can always stream the first few episodes of Bel-Air at no cost to see if you like it.

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