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Players have uncovered a secret ending to Hitman 3 which acts as a loving homage to Codename 47, the very first game in IO Interactive’s stealth franchise. 

Having launched last week across all major platforms, Hitman 3 is the final chapter in IO Interactive’s stealth trilogy, and concludes the narrative of Agent 47 in spectacular fashion. 

Now, a secret ending has been uncovered in the final level, although it requires a few simple steps to execute. Be warned that we’ll be spoiling the game’s ending from here onwards, so consider yourself warned. 

How to unlock the secret ending in Hitman 3

The final mission takes place on a moving train that Agent 47 must infiltrate, murdering members of Providence along the way until he finally comes across their leader – Arthur Edwards. He gives himself up after a sinister monologue, allowing you to dispatch him however you like. 

You can use a gun, melee weapon or even a syringe which will wipe his memories for good. This final object is the key to Hitman 3’s secret ending. Pick up the syringe, but don’t use it, simply hold it in your hands until Edwards speaks up, encouraging Agent 47 to use the syringe on himself and finally acquire his freedom. 

Upon taking the serum, Agent 47 will awaken in a padded cell where a voice is telling him he has a job to do. This essentially resets the timeline, ridding our protagonist of his memories so he’s ready and willing to be a mindless assassin carrying out the will of Providence. 

This is a homage to the opening moments of Hitman: Codename 47, the original game which released for PC way back in 2000. It’s a cool touch, and rewards players who have stuck with the franchise for several decades. However, this ending seemingly isn’t canon, that one goes to the ending where you decide to inject Edwards instead. 

Hitman 3 is full of hidden secrets and discoveries, which players will hopefully continue to uncover in the weeks to come. I scored it 4/5 in my review, describing it as a “superbly engaging experience that encourages you to play levels again and again in search of the perfect recipe for assassination.”

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