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Have you ever been in a situation where you need to let someone know precisely where you are, yet a simple address or verbal message doesn’t cut it?

Apple has made a simple tool available to all iPhone users that lets you share your location with other people. You can set how long this lasts too.

Here’s how to share your location on iPhone using the Find My app.

What we used

  • We used the iPhone 13 Pro, but these methods will work on any iPhone

The Short Version

  • Find My app
  • Share My Location
  • Add recipients
  • Select sharing length
  1. Step

    Find My app

    Open the Find My app and select the People tab. If you can’t see the Find My app, pull down on your homescreen and then use the search function to find it. Find My is already installed on all iPhones, so you don’t need to download it.iOS Find My share location

  2. Step

    Share My Location

    Tap the + symbol, then hit Share My Location.iOS Find My share location

  3. Step

    Add recipients

    In the following Share My Location screen, type out the recipient(s) to share your location with, then hit Send.iOS Find My share location recipients

  4. Step

    Select sharing length

    Select whether to Share for One Hour, Until End of the Day, or Indefinitely. Tap OK.iOS Find My share location one hour


How does the other person find your location?

Once you’ve gone through these steps, the other person can find your location by opening Find My (either the app on iOS or through the website elsewhere) and looking on the People tab.

How do I stop sharing my location?

Open the Find My app, head to the People tab, tab on the contact, and press Stop Sharing Location.

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