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While most traditional documentation tasks have been digitised these days, there are still plenty of occasions where you’ll need to actually print something out.

The good news is that you don’t have to boot up your laptop or PC just to print something. Apple has made it extremely easy to print from your iPad.

Note that this method assumes that your printer supports AirPrint, which was developed specifically in response to the arrival of the iPad as a way of printing things off without the need to install printer-specific drivers.

Check that your printer is on this list before proceeding. Assuming it is, here’s how to print from your iPad.

What we used

  • We used the iPad Pro (2018) and a Canon MG5350 printer, but these methods will work on any iPad and any AirPrint-compatible printer.

The Short Version

  • Prepare printer
  • Open document
  • Share or More
  • Select printer
  • Set parameters and Print
  1. Step

    Prepare printer

    Make sure your printer is turned on, sufficiently filled with paper and ink, and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPad.Close up image of a bunch of red berries hanging to a tree

  2. Step

    Open document

    Open the document or image you wish to print, in whatever application that may be.iPad print AirPrint

  3. Step

    Share or More

    Tap the Share or More (…) button on your iPad. These can usually be found at the top of the screen. Tap Print.iPad AirPrint Print

  4. Step

    Select printer

    In the following Print Options screen, if your printer is not listed in the Printer section, tap on No Printer Selected and select your printer from the list.AirPrint iPad Print

  5. Step

    Set parameters and print

    Now select how many copies, which pages you wish to print and the like from the Printer Options screen. When ready, press Print.AirPrint iPad Print


What if my printer doesn’t have AirPrint?

Check and see if your printer manufacturer (Canon, HP, Epson etc.) has its own iOS app on the App Store. This will let you print directly from the app.

What if the app I’m using doesn’t have a Print option?

Try and open the file in a different app that does feature a Print option. All of Apple’s preinstalled apps should let you do this.

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