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The first wave of Steam Deck handhelds will soon on their way to pre-order customers meaning those gamers will be excitedly loading their libraries onto the PC games machine.

Gamers will be eager to see which of their favourite games have been certified for play on the small screen and now there’s a quick way to do it in one fell swoop. Valve has been testing the games on its library relentlessly in preparation for the Steam Deck launch this month and a new, dedicated website will run a check against your entire library.

It’ll show Verified games that have been certified to work with the Steam Deck, games that are Playable, (perhaps with some limitations or the absence of full optimisation), as well as Unsupported games. Valve also says that it is still getting through testing games as quickly as possible and that some games not yet rated will still be playable.

On the website, which requires your Steam login to get started, the company writes: “We’re testing new titles constantly and are going to continue past launch. The Steam back catalog is huge, and new titles are releasing every day — just because we haven’t tested a game yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t work well on Deck already. You’re able to install any titles in your library, regardless of compatibility rating.”

So far that company has certified more than 400 games for the Steam Deck, but the number of playable games is close to 800. However, that doesn’t come close to the number of titles available within the Steam Store so expect the situation to remain fluid. You can also keep track on the independent SteamDB website, which has been doing a good job of keeping everyone abreast of the situation.

The Steam Deck launches on February 25 and the first consoles should be landing on doorsteps on February 28 or shortly thereafter.

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