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Your Apple ID is at the heart of everything you do on your iPhone, and at the very core of that Apple ID is an email address. So what do you do if you want to change it?

All communication related to your Apple ID flows through that attached email address, so it can be a major problem if you find yourself having access issues with that address. Maybe you just don’t use that email address anymore.

Whatever the reason, it’s really very easy to change your Apple ID email on your iPhone. Here’s how it’s done.

What we used

  • We used the iPhone 13 Pro, but these methods will work on any iPhone

The Short Version

  • Open Apple ID
  • Delete your old email address
  • Continue and Verify
  • Enter new email
  • Enter verification code
  1. Step

    Open Apple ID

    Open Settings and tap your Apple ID at the top of the page, followed by Name, Phone Numbers, Email.Apple ID change email

  2. Step

    Delete your old email address

    Next to Contactable At, tap Edit, then the red minus icon, followed by Delete.Apple ID change email address

  3. Step

    Continue and Verify

    When asked to choose another address, tap Continue and now enter your iPhone passcode to verify.Apple ID enter passcode

  4. Step

    Enter new email

    In the following New Apple ID section, enter your new email address, then press Next.

  5. Step

    Enter verification code

    Open your email, note the six-digit verification code that Apple has just sent through, and enter it in the Verification Code section.Apple ID Verification Code


Will I lose access to any of my contacts, purchases or other account information?

No, changing your email address doesn’t change your Apple ID access in any way.

Why can’t I change my address?

There’s probably an issue with the address you’re trying to use. Check that it isn’t in use with a different Apple ID, whether by you or a family member.

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