As expected, Sky has just announced its own streaming-ready TV range. So how much will a new Sky Glass TV set cost you?

Sky Glass brings the entire Sky package together into one gloriously simple TV package. It represents the first time in the UK that you’ll be able to get Sky TV over Wi-Fi rather than having to affix a chunky satellite to the side of your house and cram a big box under your TV.

These TV sets shouldn’t be too shabby on the picture quality front either, with Quantum Dot technology ensuring excellent contrast and Ultra HD resolutions.

Sky Glass will be available to buy in the UK from October 18, and will roll out in Europe in 2022. So how much will it cost UK customers to buy into Sky’s streamlined smart TV future?

It varies depending on the size you go for. The Sky Glass TV range comes in three screen sizes: Small (43-inch), Medium (55-inch) and Large (65-inch).

Another factor is the pricing structure you go for. Just like your smartphone, you can opt to pay for your TV up front or via monthly payments, but unlike your phone contract there isn’t a hidden premium for paying over the longer term.

With Sky Glass, you’ll essentially be taking out an interest-free 48-month (or four-year) loan, which will result in payments of £13 per month for the Small model. The Medium model will cost £17 per month, and the Large model will set you back £21 per month.

That works out to £624 for the 43-inch Sky Glass model, £816 for the 55-inch model, and £1,008 for the 65-inch model.

In each case you’ll also need to factor in the cost of your Sky TV subscription. That starts with the Sky Ultimate TV package, which is Sky’s entry-level TV bundle at £26 per month.

Altogether, then, Sky Glass will cost you a minimum of £39 per month for the 43-inch set, £43 per month for the 55-inch set, and £47 per month for the 65-inch set. Naturally you can add Sky Sports or Sky Movies on top of that, with an associated price bump.

All these prices include a full two-year warranty and a free delivery service that includes unboxing and packaging removal.

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