The Sky Soundbox sounder was somewhat of a surprise when it arrived on the scene in 2017, offering Sky Q optimisation, crystal clear speech, big bass and immersive 360-degree audio.

However, the £300 price tag was a little bit off-putting, even with the neat Q Sound system that promised to bring the best out of the best sports and films Sky has to offer.

Now you can cast all of those reservations out of the window thanks to this eBay deal that offers a “Grade A” refurbished device for just £99.99. You don’t need us to tell you that’s £200 off.

DEAL: Get a Sky Soundbox for £99.99 (£200 off) at eBay

Wondering what Grade A refurbished means? Us too. The seller says: “These units are in full working condition but the condition of the actual unit varies depending on the grade. Grade A* consists of no marks on the unit, Grade A consists of little to no marks on the unit.”

In our review, we praised the device for the large scale sound from a relatively compact unit, as well as the clear speech and weighty bass, along with the Sky Q integration.

Our reviewer wrote: “These modes and optimisations are generally quite effective, and the natural balance of the Soundbox’s sonics are well suited to a lot of video content. That’s to say that the treble and upper mid-range are quite pronounced, and so is the bass. As a result, dialogue is clear and there’s plenty of rumble when necessary.

“With some Premier League football, Q Sound made the commentary much clearer and the crowd chants had more attack; less of a drone. I found it a little more fatiguing on the ears over the course of the whole match, but the extra excitement will certainly please some sports fans.”

DEAL: Get a Sky Soundbox for £99.99 (£200 off) at eBay

If you’re not a Sky subscriber, we wouldn’t recommend it as highly, naturally, but this is a great deal.

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