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Halo Infinite is poised to be a major reinvention of the iconic sci-fi franchise, and it’s also the first entry we’ve seen in almost five years. No, Halo Wars 2 doesn’t count. 343 Industries clearly has big plans for the final chapter in The Reclaimer Trilogy, and we finally saw it in action at the Xbox Game Showcase. 

No longer a launch title for Xbox Series X following a surprise delay, Halo Infinite will be arriving in 2021 as an ambitious reboot for the iconic shooter series. While the gameplay showcase we’ve seen underwhelmed in terms of visuals, it teased a number of excitig new mechanics while maintaining everything we love about the series. Here’s hoping this is the comeback we’ve been waiting for.

So, Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about Halo Infinite including all the latest news, release date, trailers, gameplay, and more. 

Halo Infinite news – Launch set for Autumn 2021

343 Industries has provided a long awaited update on the state of Halo Infinite followings its delay into next year. Now, it has been confirmed that Master Chief’s next adventure will launch in Fall 2021. Speaking on Halo Waypoint, Joseph Staten expanded upon plans for the game as we approach the final days of 2020:

“After Reach shipped, I became a Halo fan, cheering-on 343i from the sidelines. But I’ve spent the last four months immersing myself back into the Halo universe, and it’s my honor as creative director to help our team ship Halo Infinite in Fall 2021. Yep, that’s when the game is coming out. And from now until then, every one of us at 343i and our great partner teams will be building, testing, and polishing an experience we hope all of you love.”

“I joined 343i right as the team was wrestling with feedback from the July campaign demo. This discussion boiled down to one fundamental truth: we needed more time to do things right. That included pushing hard in the Fall, giving the team time to recharge over the Holidays, and then coming back in January to finish the game at a healthy pace.”

Halo Infinite release date – when is it coming out?

Originally planned as a launch title for Xbox Series X, Halo Infinite has now been delayed to Fall 2021. This is a huge blow to Microsoft’s next-gen console, especially since it’s easily the biggest reason for many to pick up the console right away. Now, they’ll have to wait until next year.

“Today I want to share an important Halo Infinite development update with the community. We have made the difficult decision to shift our release to 2021 to ensure the team has adequate time to deliver a Halo game experience that meets our vision,” reads a statement on the 343 Industries Twitter.

Halo Infinite trailers – All the latest gameplay and  more

What is Halo Infinite – is it actually Halo 6?

With Halo Infinite, 343 Industries has upended traditional naming conventions for the main series of Halo – potentially marking a new beginning for the series. Halo Infinite will be the first main series Halo game without a number in the title since the first entry – Halo: Combat Evolved and Reach, which was technically a prequel. 

343 Industries has put out some mixed signals about whether this means the game is just actually Halo 6 or if it is a bigger shift for the series. 343’s Jeff Easterling previously confirmed to Gamespot, “you should just consider it Halo 6. Don’t think of it as a weird prequel kind of thing. It’s the next story. It’s the next chapter in what is going on.”

However, a 343 Industries blog post released to coincide with E3 2019 would suggest Halo Infinite is a new start. Halo Infinite is referred to as a “spiritual reboot” and “a perfect starting point for new players”. The studio does still insist “the universe will continue the continuity of Halo 5”.

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Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X – Will it be coming to next-gen consoles?

Yes! Microsoft and 343 Industries have announced that Halo Infinite will be a flagship title for Xbox Series X. We imagine it will be a true visual and mechanical showcase for the new machine once it arrives. 

If you aren’t planning to upgrade, don’t worry. Halo Infinite is also coming to the Xbox One family of consoles and Windows 10, and you can expect a day-one release on Xbox Game Pass, too! The folks over at Xbox are a real generous bunch. 

Halo Infinite gameplay – how does it play?

We thought we may have more answers to this following E3 2019 but Microsoft’s conference came and went without a hint of Halo Infinite gameplay. The previous trailer showed off sprawling landscapes – potentially hinting towards a more open-world style of gameplay for Halo Infinite. We do know Halo Infinite will be running on 343 Industries’ new Slipstream engine and the stunning shots are likely there to show off the new engine’s next-gen chops.

The E3 statement from 343 Industries features a lot of mentions of story, however. Story and open-world gameplay aren’t mutually exclusive – of course – but narrative-focused games are more traditionally known to be a tailored experience.

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