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Google is reportedly working on a Pixel Fold smartphone and it could arrive alongside the Pixel 6 later this year, according to one leading online tipster.

John Prosser, who’s provided solid information on Apple product launches in recent months, says the Google Pixel Fold “is a real thing.” When replying to a follow-up question on Twitter, Prosser said it’ll arrive “late this year / early next year.”

The Pixel Fold hasn’t been widely tipped thus far, but a report earlier this week suggested Samsung has already been tapped-up to create a foldable OLED display for the device.

A report from The Elec said the Mountain View company had “requested Samsung Display develop a foldable OLED panel around 7.6-inch in size.” That’s the same size as the internal screen within the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 for example.

Google has been continually optimising Android to account for the new foldable form factor and early signs are that Android 12 will continue that good work.

If Google decides to make its own foldable device with stock Android on board, it would likely be a major boon for the sector. Google’s effort could be a reference device for other manufacturers to follow, much like Microsoft’s 2-in-1 Surface Pro range has been for Windows PCs.

So far, of the mainstream mobile manufacturers, it’s only really Samsung and Motorola who’ve offered widely available foldable phones. There’s also the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Samsung has recovered from some early hardware reliability issues with its foldable handsets, but the price-tag of devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 remains prohibitively expensive.

If Google wants to see the foldable form factor take real hold among mainstream phone buyers, perhaps a reasonably-priced Pixel Fold is the handset to do it?

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