Pixel 6 Pro rear camera

We may have just caught a glimpse of the Google Pixel 6 Pro in a leaked hands-on video.

Google’s forthcoming smartphone has been leaked to the hilt, including a strange pre-announcement by the company itself. That tide of information doesn’t look likely to dry up any time soon, judging from this latest leak.

M. Brandon Lee from YouTube channel This is Tech Today has tweeted a brief 8-second clip seeming to show a Google Pixel 6 Pro (the more premium of the two models) being handled.

Besides showing off the phone in its glossy grey shade, the clip also grants a glimpse at the display powered on to show the ‘Welcome to your Pixel’ Android 12 set-up screen, complete with its bold Material You UI design overhaul.

We already know that this dual-curved display will be a 6.7-inch AMOLED with a QHD+ resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate – the latter a first for a Pixel phone.

The video snippet also confirms some minor details, such as the controls all being on the right side of the device, and the presence of a central hole-punch selfie camera.

Lee speculates that the strange logo on the back of the device would suggest that this is an early production test unit. As such, this may not be 100% in line with the final model we expect to see over the coming weeks.

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Google’s pre-announcement has taken the sting out of such visual leaks somewhat, but there’s something to be said for proper hands-on footage.

There’s no firm news on a release date as yet, but we’re expecting the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to launch some time in October.

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