Currys has announced a new lottery system for gamers trying to buy a PS5 console, as it awaits more supplies of the in-demand machine.

The UK retailer has announced a PS5 Priority Pass, which will see registered games randomly selected to buy a console when they become available.

Curry’s says it’ll email the lucky gamers a code enabling them to purchase a PS5 within 72-hours. You’ll need to be at least 16 years-old to enter and it’s a strict one-entry-per-person limit (via VCG).

Hopefully this will new raffle system will go some way towards tackling online scalper bots, who’ve been able to beat genuine gamers to the punch whenever stocks briefly appear. The government has been mulling action against those using bots to rig the game, but that’s yet to materialise and is unlikely to while the current supply crises endures.

Currys PS5 Priority Pass

Lucky entrants will also receive information about how and where they can collect their console at a Currys PC World store near them. On a page explaining the process, Currys explains shoppers will only be able to grab their console when non-essential retail stores open in the UK. That’s April 12 at the earliest.

Here’s the process:

1. Fill out your details below and wait for us to get in touch.

2. We’ll select lucky entrants at random and email a Priority Pass to them. This will contain a unique PS5 buying code, along with details of the local Currys PC World store to buy the PS5 from.

3. PS5 passes will be valid for 72 hours. So if you get one, be quick!

If you’re a lucky entrant, we’ll email you a Priority Pass containing your own unique PS5 buying code.

Hopefully the system will result in a more democratic way to distribute PS5 consoles until they’re widely available for gamers to buy without scouring the web for stock alerts. Hopefully it won’t be long until more of you are snapping up our best PS5 games selections.

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