The car show season has been disrupted like never before, but we are finally starting to see things turning around, at least in Japan. We will be hosting 2 StanceNation shows in Japan over the next couple of months and we honestly can’t wait for it! But let’s go back to what you’re all here for, and that’s our coverage of Fenderist event. For those not familiar with this show, just click here to learn more. The Port Messe venue in Nagoya is the same venue that hosts other shows of all genres, but what we love about Fenderist show is that they always bring the quality to the forefront. For their 3rd annual Port Messe event, north of 350 cars showed up! The visitor numbers are way down and that’s to be expected considering the current conditions, but we are certain that things will continue to improve with time. Sit back, and enjoy the show as we prepare the second part of our coverage!


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