Fender Mustang Micro

How we’d have loved the Fender Mustang Micro guitar amp during the long months of lockdown. Well, how our partners would have loved it.

The new plug-and-play amplifier is designed to be used with your favourite headphones, enabling guitarists to fire out some filthy power chords without subjecting the rest of the household to it. Essentially, you can play Basket Case without turning your significant other into one.

As well as being ideal for indoor use, the $99/£89 Mustang Micro is also perfect if you want to take your guitar outdoors and play in the park without some jobsworth git from the council hassling you over whether you have a busking permit.

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The dinky solution promises to replicate the sound of Fender’s beloved Mustang amplifiers. There are 12 amp models packed into the tiny amp, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy that classic “clean” Stratocaster sound or opt for some “heavy crunch” for rock and metal tracks.

There are 13 effects to choose from, including reverb, delay, modulation and overdrive. Fender says this will be enable users to dial-in their tone, whatever sounds they’re seeking to replicate. It’s got Bluetooth connectivity too, enabling you to play over backing tracks or your favourite songs streamed form your phone. It’s also compatible with Fender Play app, if you’re taking lessons.

The design has been really well considered too, with a 270-degree rotating jack that means it’ll fit your Strat, Telecaster, or pretty much any guitar of bass configuration without getting any of you strumming or picking hand.

It’s recharged by USB-C and offers 4-hours of playback from a single charge too. That USB-C charging port can also be used to connect to the device of your choice and lay down your new riff using your favourite digital recording software.

You can see even more of Mustang Micro’s capabilities in the exploratory video below.

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