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OPINION: Samsung held its Unpacked Part 2 event on October 20 where it unveiled the custom Bespoke Editions of its Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Watch 4, but when the credits rolled at the end of the livestream there was one rumoured device missing – the BTS Z Flip 3. 

I’ll admit, I feel a little clickbaited by Samsung. 

Last week, the company shared the above tweet, with the tags ‘#GalaxyZFlip3’, “#GalaxyxBTS” and “@BTS_twt” and the attached collage making it seem pretty clear that Samsung had some form of BTS/Z Flip 3 collaboration on the way. 

The tweet linked to an invitation to the Unpacked event that took place on October 20 – an event which ended up including no mention of the South Korean group.

That is, unless you count the split second that K-pop star Suga’s Over the Horizon appeared on screen as the company showcased its new One UI 4. 

Sure you could say that Samsung never outright said there’d be a BTS edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, but the tweet got me thinking about what a BTS Flip could look like and this is why I hope Samsung is working on one. 

Last summer, Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition and – despite knowing very little about BTS – I really liked it. 

Now, a year and a half on, I’ve officially fallen down the Bangtan rabbit hole and am even more excited about the prospect of a BTS Z Flip 3. 

The thing I loved about the BTS S20 Plus was how it could appeal to Army and non-BTS fans alike and this is something that could easily be replicated with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, a foldable the group have already had a large part in promoting. 

The S20 Plus BTS Edition came in an iridescent purple shade. Instead of plastering it with a photo of the group as they easily could have done, the design paid a subtle homage to V’s “borahae” line, with the BTS logo sitting small at the bottom. 

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There was a tiny heart icon on the camera module (which I honestly think should be on every phone camera because, cute) and the phone came with an exclusive theme that included BTS wallpapers, animations and app icons. 

Samsung recently released animated BTS logos for the regular Z Flip 3’s cover screen, meaning they’re already part of the way there when it comes to software. 

Now, I’m just waiting for Samsung to unveil the rest of the phone so I can stare at my bank balance and contemplate my loyalty to Apple phones once and for all.

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