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With the soaring costs of energy, portable power stations aren’t just useful for those camping, they can provide a source of cheap, reliable power for regular households, too. The Ecoflow Delta 2 is an upgrade on the company’s older Delta product, promising a longer life and the capability of powering the majority of household appliances.

The regular product includes a 1024Wh battery (that’s just over a kWh of power), which works out at enough power to charge a regular laptop 16 times, power a TV for eight hours or a wireless router for 31 hours. Power can be expanded to 2kWh with a Delta 2 Extra Battery or 3kWh with a Delta 2 Max Extra Battery. The latter would give about one third of the average daily power used by a UK household.

Powers most household appliances

While the smaller EcoFlow River Pro can handle devices up to 1200W, the Delta 2 can handle devices up to 1800W, with a boost capacity of 2200W, via its four regular plug sockets. That’s enough to power 90% of household appliances directly from the battery. Plus, there are USB ports for charging smartphones and the like.

While the most common use of this kind of product is for campers, the Delta 2’s high capacity also makes it potentially useful for households looking to save money on electricity costs. Those on split tariffs can charge the Delta 2 while electricity is cheaper, but there are also optional solar panels for fee-free charging.

On mains power, the Delta 2 can be charged to 80% in just 50 minutes and to 100% in 80 minutes. Using a 400W solar panel, the battery can be charged in three to six hours.

The Delta 2 can also be used as an EPS system, switching to battery power automatically when mains power (or solar) aren’t available.

Long lasting

Using LFP batteries, similar to those in Tesla cars, the Delta 2 can take 3000 charge cycles, which works out to around ten years of charging. Li-ION bases batteries, in comparison, last for around 500 cycles.

The Delta 2 Pro will go on sale on September 16 for £1099, and we’ll bring you a full review of it shortly.

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