Lifestyle shot of Devialet Phantom II Sage Green edition

We’re fans of Devialet. The French audio brand has a penchant for making sleek products of noteworthy design that are jam-packed with technology.

While their latest announcement isn’t a new product as such, Devialet has given one of its older speakers a new coat of paint. Quite literally.

Devialet has revealed that it is releasing 1000 units of the Phantom II Sage Green speaker, coloured in such as a way to reflect “the soothing and energising capabilities” of the speaker. Previously the Phantom II was made available in a glossy white and matte black finish.

The new version of the Phantom II is a slight tweak on the older model (previously known as the Phantom Reactor). It’s available in the same compact sized model but offers 98dB of SPL and 400W of power compared the the original’s 95dB and 350W.

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Devialet calls its Phantom II one of the most powerful compact loudspeakers on the market (and the above specs would bear that out), designed to deliver optimal audio performance with little to no distortion. What makes Devialet’s speakers rather unique in the world of hi-fi is their spherical shape. See them in action and you can actually view the woofers vibrate in the side panels.

Top view of Devialet Phantom II Sage Green

The Phantom II Sage Green is compatible with AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, or jack (analogue or digital), for flinging audio at the speaker. And it’s transportable, especially if you purchase the Cocoon Phantom II bag, which makes the speaker amusingly look like some sort of hi-fi kettle.

The Phantom II Sage Green costs extra over the standard Phantom II, retailing at £1450. It’s available worldwide now, and if you’re looking to purchase it in the UK, you can head over to Harrods or purchase it through Devialet’s website and stores. 

Considering there are only 1000 units available worldwide, it’s likely the speaker won’t be here for very long.

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