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Coros has just unveiled its most comprehensive software update yet which will introduce a bevy of new features including recommendations on how best to recover after a workout.

Known as EvoLab, the revised software places a huge emphasis on analysing your training load in real time to provide personalised feedback. With this information, Coros’ wearables will have a better understanding of your current fatigue level and whether or not you’ve reached your maximum energy output and need to rest.

In what is sure to be a key attraction for runners, EvoLab will also let you know if you’re ready to tackle a full marathon, based on your own metrics and how they compare to other runners. You can even confer with a new ‘pace guide’ that will show you how best to tackle certain distances, ranging from 5K runs and up.

Detailing the new update, CEO of Coros Wearables, Lewis Wu states: “Our team of developers have spent the last 12 months on the EvoLab project, responding to the performance needs of our users. In the process, they have completely revolutionized the way athletes receive personalized fitness evaluations from a GPS Watch. The final result allows for better and more efficient training which ultimately is our mission at Coros.”

The new focus on training load and recovery feels very similar to the approach of the Whoop Strap 3.0, but while Whoop charges a monthly fee for access to all of that data, Coros could have a killer app on its hands by including all of these metrics at no extra cost in its mainline wearables.

In our Coros Pace 2 review, we were seriously impressed with the company’s super lightweight fitness tracker, which already offered fantastic value for money with a comparatively low £179.99 price tag.

For the time being, EvoLab will only be available to the first 1000 users who sign up, but the software will be made available for general release within the next month.

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