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We’ve heard plenty about everything the new iPad Pro can do. It can access 5G speeds, benefit from the desktop class M1 processor and showcase the merits of the new mini-LED display technology.

However, there are also a couple of things it can’t do too. First we learned it won’t be compatible with the Touch ID key on the new Magic Keyboard designed for Macs.

Now we’ve learned the new iPad Pro won’t play nice with the expensive 2018 and 2020 Magic Keyboard folio case (with integrated trackpad). So, if you want to upgrade from a previous-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you’ll need a new Magic Keyboard too.

They cost $299/£279 on top of the minimum £999, maximum £2,149 Apple is asking for the 12.9-inch Apple is asking for the iPad Pro 2021. Both are available to pre-order from April 30.

The discovery was made by the French site iGeneration (via The Verge), who pointed out the new model is a tiny bit thicker than its predecessor. A mere 0.5mm to be precise, likely due to the new mini-LED display.

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Not that it’ll be any comfort to those splashing the cash on a new iPad Pro/Magic Keyboard combination, the report points out that the new accessory is compatible with the older iPad Pro models. So there is that.

Regardless of this inconvenience Apple changed the course of its tablet range this week with the switch to the Apple Silicon-based M1 processor. The chipset is designed for use in the Mac desktop computer line, so effectively reclassifies the iPad Pro as Mac hardware running mobile software.

The decision drew calls for Apple to go the whole hog and enable users to run the full-fat macOS software on an iPad for the first time. However, with the advances made by iPadOS in that direction, an iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard is as close to a touchscreen Mac as we’re likely to get.

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