CES 2022
CES 2022

After a virtual edition in 2021, the world’s largest tech show is back for an in-person event in just a few weeks. Here is everything you need to know ahead of CES 2022, including key dates and what we expect to see unveiled.

CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, usually kicks off the year in style for big fans of tech. Taking place across Las Vegas, the sees the launch of loads of new products, from TVs and laptops to phones and home tech.

CES went digital in 2021, but 2022 signals a return to a physical event – whether or not it retains the scale of previous years remains to be seen, especially with Covid still a part of daily life.

CES 2022 dates

CES is a week-long event, however it is is split up into two distinct sections. Monday, January 3 and Tuesday, January 4 are the days when the press conferences will take place, so expect these to be the days when the majority of new tech is actually launched.

Then, on Wednesday, January 5, the show officially opens to the media and other registered attendants. The show floor is open until Saturday, January 8. These latter few days tend to be home to quirkier releases and from those who don’t have a large press conference presence.

Even with the spread of the Omicron variant, it still seems that CES will be a busy show. Over 1900 companies have signed up to attend and they’ll be large events put on by the likes of Sony, Samsung and LG.

Samsung at CES 2022

  • Conference date: Tuesday January 4

Samsung has confirmed that it will be holding a CES 2022 event with the tagline ‘Together for Tomorrow’. Samsung’s CES shows tend to be jam-packed with new stuff though there is often a focus on concept tech that will we’ll never actually get to use.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but there are plenty of rumours suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will finally get its grand unveiling after months of uncertainty. This will be a cheaper version of the excellent Galaxy S21 phone.

We don’t, however, expect to see the brand’s next flagship series, likely called the Galaxy S22, announced at the show.

We’d also expect Samsung to show off a new range of 8K TVs and possibly some wild home appliances and other home tech.

Trusted Take: Phones at CES 2022

Phones don’t really get much of the limelight at CES, with the majority of the big releases saved for MWC in February or for individual events. We might see Samsung launch the S21 FE, TCL show off some new Android devices and Qualcomm talk more about its new chips. Beyond that, we’re not expecting much.


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Nvidia at CES 2022

  • Conference date: Tuesday January 4
  • Nvidia has confirmed that it will be hosting its CES 2022 virtual event on January 4, with several big announcements expected.

    One such announcement is expected to be the launch of a new desktop graphics card in the form of the RTX 3090 Ti

    As reported by VideoCardz, the RTX 3090 Ti could feature 21Gbps GDDR6X memory from Micron, which is a step up on the 19.5Gbps memory of the RTX 3090. It is also tipped to feature 10,752 CUDA cores.

    There have also been reports that, in an effort to allow people to actually buy graphics cards, Nvidia might be refreshing some of its older desktop graphics cards. These could include the RTX 3080, RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3060.

    Intel at CES 202

    Intel has big plans for CES 2022, as rumours suggest it plans to reveal the mobile variants of its Alder Lake (12th Gen) processors.

    Early reports indicate that we could get two variations of these laptop chips: Alder Lake-P for high-end systems, and Alder Lake-M for low-powered machines that prioritise battery life and portability over performance power. This announcement will likely trigger a landslide of new laptop reveals from the likes of Acer, Asus, Dell and Lenovo. Gaming laptops will likely benefit the most, as the Alder Lake chip will raise the performance ceiling to all-new heights. If Intel’s new laptop chips are anything like their desktop equivalents, then we’re in for a treat.

    Sony at CES 2022

  • Conference date: Tuesday January 4
  • Sony, like Samsung and LG, tends to bring a vast array of new tech to CES. Expect talk of TVs, audio gear and more. What seems less unlikely is any mention of Playstation, although we could see the just-announced faceplates in the flesh.

    Rumours abound that Sony may be launching a QD-OLED TV in 2022, with 55- and 65-inch sizes available. It remains to be seen whether we’ll see it appear in Las Vegas (or even if the rumours are true), but we’d expect at the very least an appearance and perhaps some details on Sony’s upcoming 8K and 4K OLED sets.

    When it comes to audio, we’re not expecting any significant launches. Sony tends to reveal its latest audio products closer to the release date, so we’d expect an update on their Reality 360 Audio format given that it’s been given a significant push throughout 2021, appearing on all their biggest headphone and soundbar launches.

    LG at CES 2022

  • Conference date: Tuesday January 4
  • LG is a CES stalwart and one of the first press conferences of the show. In previous years we’ve seen a focus on OLED tv ranges, so we wouldn’t be surprised for there to at least be one new OLED model teased or announced. One possibility could be the arrival of a 42-inch OLED TV aimed at gamers. This size was expected in 2021 but was rumoured to have been delayed until 2022.

    In previous years we’ve also seen LG show off some concept tech and often a load of mid-range smartphones – however with the brand exiting that particular sector that won’t be happening in 2022.

    Panasonic at CES 2022

  • Conference date: Tuesday January 4
  • Panasonic continues to make some of the best OLEDs on the market, but perhaps haven’t received as much recognition as others.

    For 2022, we’re certain there’ll be an announcement for the JZ2000’s successor, continuing on from the excellent current flagship model. What new features it could have are still unknown but we’d expect tweaks across all areas.

    We’re expecting some news from Technics, too, perhaps a sprinkle of a few new turntables but certainly an official announcement on the new flagship EAH-A800 ANC wireless headphones they have been teasing for over a year.

    Trusted Take: CES 2022’s Big Trend

    CES 2022 looks to be full of PC gaming announcements. Since Intel finally got back in the game with 12th Gen the PC gaming market has had a much-needed shakeup. This plus potential news about Nvidia’s new GPUs should make it one of the most interesting shows to date for budding and hardcore PC builders and gamers.


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    Anyone else?

    Of course, they’ll be lots more brands attending and we’ll update this page as we learn more about their plans. We’ll also be bringing you all the news each day from the press conferences and the show floor.

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