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Alexa Down: Amazon’s assistant went down this morning

Amazon’s Alexa temporarily went down this morning as Echo users reported a range of issues with the voice assistant.  While there’s no official record of where the outage occurred, users in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany and Italy all appeared to experience issues with Alexa across Alexa-powered services included Amazon Echo speakers, Fire TV Sticks..

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How to secure your passwords

Passwords a gold dust for hackers. With them, if you’ve not followed best practice they can use them to access all sorts of information, which is why you really want to keep them secure. Here to help you do just that we’ve created this guide detailing some quick and easy ways to help keep your..

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How to secure your smart home

While having more smart devices connected to your home network and the internet makes life more convenient, it also increases the number of ways that you can get hacked. The threats can be big. For example a hacked security camera, for example, provides a way into your home network, letting the criminals directly attack more..

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BT is raising prices by an astonishing 9.3 per cent

Image: BT British Telecom has revealed most phone and broadband customers are about to see a 9.3% increase to their bills, which is close to double the current chronic 5.4% rate of inflation. The increases, which will work out at an average of £3.50 a month for UK customers, come at a time when most..

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Sony ‘expects’ Activision games to stay on PS5, amid Xbox exclusivity fears

Sony has reminded Microsoft of Activision’s ‘contractual agreements’ as PS4 and PS5 gamers fear for the future multi-platform availability of franchises like Call of Duty. Amid Microsoft’s pending blockbuster takeover of Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion, it’s possible that Microsoft may make the immense stable of games Xbox/PC exclusives. That would shut out PlayStation gamers..

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