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Shukai Japan 2022 // Part 3.

We’re going to end the coverage of Shukai Japan with this final set of photos provided to us by Hayato Tsuchiya. If you’ve seen the first two parts of the coverage then chances are you’ve seen all the cars but we love Hayato’s photos because they provide a different perspective. Once more, we would like..

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Shukai Japan 2022 // Part 2.

What do you know, we’ve got a ton more photos for you from Shukai Japan event. In case you missed the first part you can click here, but as mentioned last time, Shukai was initially a relatively small gathering put together by a bunch of friends that somehow turned into a full blown car show…

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Shukai Japan 2022 // Part 1.

Year 2017 was the first and last time Shukai Japan took place. It all started as a way for Yuuki & his close friends to bring a bunch of cool cars together, but when the registrations started pouring in the supposed small show turned into something much bigger. (You can click here & here even..

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