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Properly Wide // Caymen Sans’ Nissan 350Z.

Black cars. If you’ve ever owned one, one that you really cared about, you know the struggle. Given the right circumstances, they can look amazing. If the circumstance isn’t quite optimal; dust, direct sunlight, scratches, swirls, leftover wax, etc. You can have a disaster on your hands. Black paint is notoriously difficult to get right..

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Mercedes Benz SLK

If you’ve been around the car scene for long enough, you may have already figured this out. But, if you’re new around here, let me fill you in on something. Indonesian car culture is among some of the best in the world, especially when it comes to the little niche of cars that we all..

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Spotlight // Naoki Arakawa’s Toyota 86.

In our opinion, the car scene has never been as diverse as it currently us. You can even pin point it down to a specific genre of the car scene such as this stance thing we’re all into and you’ll see a ton of different styles. From big sedans on polished wheels, to slammed station..

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