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With Black Friday coming, now feels like a great time to get a home security system for two reasons: you’ll likely find one cheaper than normal and, with more of us going out again, our homes need protecting.

We’ve created this guide to help you know where to look for the best deals, and what you should look for when choosing the right system for your home. 

General home security system buying tips

Don’t start with the price. With a home security system, it’s important to buy something that fits into your home and life properly, so spending a bit more and avoiding the cheapest deal may see you better off in the long run. Instead, work out what you need your system to do first, and then find the best deals from there. 

First, we only test and recommend smart alarm systems that you can fit yourself. All will work via your mobile phone and can send alerts when you’re out. If you don’t want to pull your phone out every time you want to arm and disarm your system, then look for one with alternative controls: a keypad or keyfob.

For better protection, look out for alarm systems that offer cellular backup (a paid-for option). If your main network goes down, the alarm system will switch to a mobile connection so that you still get alerts.

Professional monitoring is another step up and requires a monthly subscription plus a camera. With this option, if your alarm is triggered, a call centre is alerted. Staff can monitor your recent camera feed to see if someone is in your house, and then call the police for you. Professional monitoring can be a particularly useful feature to subscribe to when you go away on holiday and leave your house empty.

Make sure that the system you choose has the sensors that you need. At the most basic, you need window/door sensors that detect when an entryway is opened, and motion sensors to pick up movement. If you have pets, you’ll want pet-safe motion sensors.

In addition, some alarm systems also have optional sensors including glass-break sensors and audio sensors that can tell you if a smoke alarm has been triggered. However, if you want smart fire control, you may be better off with systems such as the FireAngel Pro Connected. 

Which home security system should I go for this Black Friday?

We’d expect most alarm systems to be available with a discount this Black Friday. Our favourite alarm system is the Ring Alarm (2nd Generation), which is easy to install, great value and integrates with Amazon Alexa. Plus, if you have Ring cameras, you can get them to turn on and off in sync with your alarm system. This model offers cellular backup and assisted monitoring (you get an automated phone call to let you know of an intrusion) but not professional monitoring.

If you want professional monitoring, then SimpliSafe or Abode are both good options, offering a similar range of features.

For those on a budget that only want basic control, the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm is a simple but slightly more limited choice.

Which retailers offer Black Friday home security deals?

As a lot of smart alarm systems are sold with a subscription, they tend to be sold directly from the manufacturer. That said, Ring and Yale’s systems are more widely available, so look out for them on the likes of Amazon, John Lewis, Argos and Currys.

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