BT has unveiled the new Halo 3+ Hybrid Connect platform, which will enable broadband customers to call upon the EE mobile network to fill-in during any Wi-Fi service outages.

The company says the new Halo 3+ subscription provides the “UK’s only unbreakable Wi-Fi connection” and promises to “redefine home broadband reliability.”

Customers snagging a Halo 3+ deal get the brand Hybrid Connect device, as well as an upgrade to Full Fibre broadband, promising Complete Wi-Fi in every room – either via broadband or mobile data – and the Smart Hub 2 router. Halo 3+ customers can also benefit from access to in-home Wi-Fi support, with two-hour slots available seven days a week.

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Halo 3+ is still running on the EE 4G LTE network, rather than the upgraded 5G infrastructure, judging by. We’ll follow up with the company to see if there are plans to add 5G connectivity to the mix.

BT Halo 3+ will be available to buy across the UK from February 5, with the company charging £65.99 for the total package, including a free upgrade to full fibre if customers aren’t already using it. BT also says existing customers will get the best deals and encourages them to call in for the best options.

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The Hybrid Connect device (below) can also be deployed as an add-on for existing BT broadband users for £7 a month. If you want the Complete Wi-Fi Wi-Fi booster and range extender, you’ll have to have pay an extra £10 a month.

BT Hybrid Connect

BT says that Brits, many of whom are now working and studying from home, are now prioritising reliability of their broadband connection over speed and fancy new features, which should make Halo 3+ a really attractive option, even at £65.99 a month.

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“The past 12 months have reminded us all of the importance of fast, and crucially, reliable broadband as we’ve taken to work, educate and entertain ourselves at home. In its truest sense, convergence is about the coming together of fixed and mobile networks in a seamless way for the consumer,” says Christian Thrane, Managing Director of Marketing BT Consumer. “The Hybrid Connect device is a great first step in the delivery of that vision, and works to reinforce the always on promise, at a time when households need uninterrupted connectivity more than ever.

“BT Halo 3+ offers a super reliable service with the best connectivity for all corners of the home, giving the whole family peace of mind they can work, homeschool or keep in touch with friends and family without interruptions.”


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