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Amazon might already seem to have the video doorbell market sewn up with its acquisition of Ring, but today it has launched its own competitor, the Blink Video Doorbell. Able to be battery powered or mains powered, this new doorbell costs just £49.99 and shoots Full HD video. 

Part of the existing Blink system of products, the Video Doorbell will integrate with other cameras, such as the Blink Mini. One of Blink’s main selling points has always been the promise of how long its batteries last for, and the doorbell is no different.

Powered by a set of AA batteries, the company is promising that the Blink Video Doorbell can last for up to two years when paired with a Sync Module 2 or when wired. Of course, how long the batteries last will depend on where the doorbell is installed, how many times it is used and how many motion events it picks up.

While the camera may be cheap, Blink is promising a feature set that you’d normally expect with more expensive devices. This includes Full HD video and customised motion detection zones. 

As Blink is an Amazon company, it’s no surprise the Blink Video Doorbell integrates with Amazon Alexa, sending alerts to compatible speakers. The company also says that you can “pair Video Doorbell with a Sync Module or wire it to stream live HD video, use two-way audio, customize routines, arm/disarm devices, and more.”

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If you want to go old school, then the doorbell can also be wired to an existing chime that you have installed.

With a Sync module, video can be saved offline, but you can record to the cloud with a Blink Subscription Plan.

You can pre-order the Blink Video Doorbell now for £49.99.

Alongside the doorbell, Blink also announced the new Floodlight Camera mount (£39.99), which attaches to the bottom of the Blink Outdoor camera. This device has a powerful spotlight and motion sensor, turning on the light automatically when motion is detected.

Alongside this, is the Blink Solar Panel Mount, which keeps your Blink Outdoor Camera charged automatically.

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