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The new Sony PlayStation Plus has arrived in Europe today. Among its many benefits for Premium subscribers are original PS1 games. Here are six original PlayStation games you should try today.

If you’ve subscribed to the new PlayStation Plus, you’ll get access to PS1, PS2, and PSP games via your monthly membership dues.

Right now there are only 13 PSX classics available via the platform, but they do come with added benefits like save states, up-rendering, rewind options, and CRT filters to give gamers that old fashioned bedroom TV look.

Elements of the rollout haven’t been well received, but Sony has promised to rectify complaints about the PAL format with NTSC options for the majority of games.

If you weren’t around for the first time, here’s the six PS1 games we think you should play right away.

Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue

Release Date: 1999
A rare movie tie-in that does the business, this adventure game puts you in charge of the rescue of Woody’s best mate Buzz, who has been kidnapped. The 3D visuals are true to the Pixar movie and there are 15 levels to explore and five bosses to defeat. Given Buzz now has his own standalone animated movie, there’s never been a better time to dive into this game.

Tekken 2

Release Date: 1996
The PlayStation format’s first truly great fighting game, the sequel to 1994’s original Tekken was an improvement in every sense. If you’re a gamer without time to get good at modern fighting games, Tekken is a pleasing throwback. Many of the characters became classics and the soundtrack is banging.

Resident Evil: The Directors Cut

Release Date: 1997
There’s seemingly an announcement about a new Resident Evil remake multiple times a year, but the original still stands up really well too. Arguably the game that put the PlayStation format truly on the map was the 1996 original that was exclusive to PlayStation for a period. The Director’s Cut, available here, was released because Resi 2 was delayed.

Jumping Flash!

Release Date: 1995
For many gamers, this was a demo that came with their PlayStation console and represented Sony’s first stab at a 3D platformer, which arrived prior to the groundbreaking Mario 64. This game was first-person and it took a little getting used to for many gamers. This one’s worth trying to experience a real piece of gaming history. It’s a gas, gas, gas.

Worms Armageddon

Release Date: 1999
Arguably the best game in the historic Worms series. The highly addictive turn-based strategy game had always been a multi-player favourite but this episode added a single-player element for the first time. This game was so popular, it was still getting periodic updates on Steam as of 2020. Here’s where it all started.

Syphon Filter

Release date: 1999
From this era, people mostly talk about Metal Gear Solid and GoldenEye 007 as the shooters to beat. This stealth shooter’s legend hasn’t grown as much in the year’s since, but it’s well worth a play. Blending the first and third-person perspectives, there’s a great selection of weapons and gadgets, and still feels unique.

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