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What’s the best gaming CPU?

Looking to upgrade your gaming PC or build an entire new system from scratch? Then you’ll need the best gaming CPU possible to maximise your performance and see those frame rates soar for the most demanding AAA games.

We’ve assembled a list of the very best gaming CPU options currently available, with both Intel Rocket Lake and AMD Ryzen 5000 Series chips recently entering the fold. We unfortunately haven’t been able to review the likes of the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X and Ryzen 5 5600X processors at the time of writing, but we’ll be looking to update this list with new entries as soon as possible.

In the meantime, check out our favourite gaming CPUs that we’ve reviewed so far, including the great value Intel Core i5-11600K and the impressively versatile AMD Ryzen 7 5800X.

1. Intel Core i5-11600K

Best overall gaming CPU

Intel Core i5-11600K


  • Excellent gaming performance
  • Support for PCIe 4.0
  • Good value for money
  • Runs at comparatively low temperatures


  • Poor multi-threaded performance
  • Marginal performance gains from 10th generation

Why we liked the Intel Core i5-11600K

The Intel Core i5-11600K is the best gaming processor that you can currently buy. It’s not the most powerful chip avaiable, but it offers a very similar performance to the juggernaut i9 chip despite costing a few hundred quid less. 

Intel’s 11th Generation processors (aka Rocket Lake) also feature PCIe 4.0 support, which means you’ll be able to maximise the performance of modern-day SSDs when fitting the i5-11600K into your gaming PC. This ensures your build will be futureproofed for years to come, so you won’t be forced to upgrade again in the near future.

The Intel chip also ran pretty cool during testing, which means you don’t need to worry about buying an extravagant cooling solution to ensure a optimal performance. You may need to double check your PSU specs though, as the i5-11600K consumes a fair bit of power.

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2. Intel Core i5-10600K

Best affordable gaming processor

Intel Core i5-10600K 01


  • Impressive single-threaded performance
  • Consistently fast in games
  • Now includes Hyper-Threading
  • Chipset has upgraded networking


  • AMD remains faster in multi-threaded workloads
  • Relatively expensive ecosystem
  • No native PCIe 4.0 support

Why we liked the Intel Core i5-10600K

The Intel Core i5-10600K may be based on older architecture than the i5-11600K, but it still offers a similar gaming performance after excelling in our benchmark tests. And since this chip is a more affordable than the newer i5 chip, it makes it a great option for those looking to cut costs as much as possible.

The biggest drawback to this Intel chip is the lack of PCIe 4.0 support, which means you’ll be limiting the performance power of any modern-day SSD installed into your motherboard. That’s not a major issue for the time being, but it could become problematic in the future when next-gen SSD prices start to plummet.

If you’re not bothered about maximising the performance of your SSD though, then the Intel Core i5-10600K is a fantastic value buy with a top-notch gaming performance, impressively low thermals and a very efficient power consumption.

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3. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

Best versatile gaming CPU

Best Gaming CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 5800X


  • Fantastic all-round performance
  • Better multi-threaded performance than Intel
  • Low power consumption
  • Supports PCIe 4.0


  • Fairly expensive
  • Intel still has the edge for gaming

Why we liked the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

If you want a computer than can do more than run video games at blistering speeds, then it may be a good idea to side with Team Red. The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X not only offers a superb gaming performance (with PCIe 4.0 support to boot), but also flaunts a better multi-threaded performance than what any Intel processor currently offers.

Such a great performance means this processor is a superb choice for those looking to animate, edit video or engage in any other demanding workload. However, such a versatile performance does mean AMD is charging a pretty penny for this CPU – and the omission of a bundled cooler means you’ll have to purchase your own cooler if you don’t already own one.

And since this Ryzen chip isn’t quite as powerful as the best Intel processors on this list when it comes to gaming workloads, the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X is only a worthwhile buy if you’re going to push it in areas beyond gaming.

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4. Intel Core i9-11900K

Most powerful gaming CPU

Best Gaming CPU - Intel Core i9-11900K


  • The absolute best CPU gaming performance
  • Support for PCIe 4.0


  • Very high price
  • Only marginally more powerful than cheaper alternatives
  • Multi-threaded performance can’t compete with AMD

Why we liked the Intel Core i9-11900K

The Intel Core i9-11900K consistently saw the best gaming results during our benchmark tests, making it the most powerful gaming CPU on this list. However, it’s also the most expensive processor in this ranking by a significant margin, and doesn’t offer a big enough performance jump over the Intel Core i5-11600K to justify the added cost.

The low number of cores and threads also limits this processor’s versatility. It only really excels at gaming, with a poor multi-threaded performance making it a poor option for content creators and the like.

We would only recommend this gaming CPU if money is of no concern. If you’re happy to spend big on the ultimate processor for gaming, then look no further. Although we advise checking out the Intel Core i5-11600K before hitting checkout.

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5. Intel Core i9-10900K

Most versatile Intel gaming CPU

Best Gaming CPU - Intel Core i9-10900K 01


  • Impressive single-threaded performance
  • Decent gaming pace
  • Good performance in day-to-day work
  • Chipset with upgraded networking


  • Unable to beat AMD rivals in multi-threaded tests
  • Pricier than the competition
  • Expensive ecosystem
  • No native PCI-E 4.0 support

Why we liked the Intel Core i9-10900K

The Intel Core i9-10900K has found itself in an awkward place after the launch of Rocket Lake processors; it’s no longer the most powerful Intel gaming chip available and it can’t compete with AMD’s incredible multi-threaded performance.

The one thing is still has going for itself is that it has more cores and threads (10 and 20) than any of the new Rocket Lake Intel chips, making it the most versatile chip in Team Blue while still offering a competitive gaming performance, albeit with the omission of PCIe 4.0 support.

That said, we’d still recommend an AMD Ryzen processor over this Intel CPU if you’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades performance. The Intel Core i9-10900K is only worth serious consideration if sees a significant price drop, or your so committed to Team Blue that a switch to Ryzen is not an option.

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Best Gaming CPU Round UP

  1. Best value gaming CPU: Intel Core i5-11600K
  2. Best affordable gaming CPU: Intel Core i5-10600K
  3. Most versatile gaming CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
  4. Most powerful gaming CPU: Intel Core i9-11900K
  5. Most versatile Intel CPU: Intel Core i9-10900K


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